Auto Insurance in Calgary: Avoid Distracted Driving and a Fine

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What does it take to get your hands off the steering wheel and eyes off the road? Not much, apparently! It does not take a lot to distract a Calgary driver. Records on auto insurance claims and traffic fines tell the story of driving risks excused in the name of multitasking.

The Falsehood behind Multitasking

Consumers – including drivers – have a voracious appetite for technology. They are tied to electronic devices throughout their days, at work and at play, and they often make car-buying decisions based on the technology package provided alone. Some say they are passionate about technology; others say they are obsessed. In any case, driving while multitasking is distracted driving, and is subject to a $172 fine (plus 15 per cent victims’ surcharge) in Calgary and Alberta.

For good reason, the law targets:

1. Using a handheld cell phone (3,992 drivers caught)

2. Emailing and texting

3. Entering data into a GPS system (12 caught)

4. Using electronic devices including portable music players, cameras, laptops, tablets, and video games (167 caught)

5. Watching DVDs

Distraction is measured by response time in multiple studies under lab and natural settings. These same drivers try to convince traffic police – and themselves – that they need to juggle media while driving.

Distracting Habits

Anything that distracts from reaction time is a risk to driver and passenger safety including:

1. Personal habits, such as shaving, caring for hairdo, applying makeup, and more

2. Writing, reading, mapping, or sketching

3. Eating and drinking

4. Smoking

5. Installing or removing a CD

6. Talking to passengers or CB radio

Teens, still hampered by unformed judgment skills, seem unable to measure and moderate distraction from electronics and friends. Parents with a carload of children are among the most easily distracted. Despite the pulls on their attention, they really must address the risk they invite. Those who use their car as a mobile office also place themselves and others at risk when they conduct business on the move; they must pull off the road to make their calls and take their notes. And, those people who let their pets drive or run free are also asking for trouble.

It’s Not All About You!

Auto Insurance in Calgary pays claims every day for damage, injury, and fatalities as a result of distracted driving. The issue is public safety for all in Calgary and across Canada. The road is the only focus from your vehicle. It is not an arcade, family room, office, or doghouse. Although laws and fines give traffic enforcement some leverage. safe driving remains the personal responsibility of all the drivers on the road.

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