Is It Possible To Get Auto Insurance With a Suspended License

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You have taken a big step in joining the military to protect our country. You work hard everyday and look forward to enjoying your personal time. On your personal time, you decided you want to buy a new car. Your excited and can’t wait to show your friends what kind of car you bought. Before you can drive off the lot with your new car, you will need to get auto insurance. Some car dealers will prefer you to an insurance company, but that’s not always a good idea in some cases. The car insurance company the dealer refer you too might not offer military discount.

There are so many companies out there that offer discounts for military personnel and auto insurance is one of them. As a military vet, I know how tight your budget can get. So, why not get as much discounts that you can? Everywhere I go I ask if they give military discounts. The two best way to find which auto insurer offer military discount is to:

1. Talk To Coworkers – Ask a few of your friends who have insurance which company are they using and see which one sounds the best for you.

2. Internet – Find and compare auto insurance websites online. There are some websites like in which, you can shop and compare auto insurance rates and find the car insurance companies that offer military discounts within your area.

If you have a car while in the military, you’re required to have auto insurance. This is why your commander check to make sure you have auto insurance and valid registration. You want to make sure you are carrying the proper insurance required by the state you are station. With that said, you want to get as much coverage for your car without having to pay a lot.

Take advantage of as many discounts that you can. If you are deployed in certain areas that is consider danger pay areas, you qualify for discounts. Also, if your duties requires for your vehicle to be in storage for more than 30 days, you can get discounts. Keep in mind, if you’re deployed and put your vehicle in storage, make sure to keep your insurance active. It is not wise to cancel your policy so you can save money. What if something happen to your car while in storage? The cost to repair your car will be your responsibility.

In conclusion, make sure you compare companies and ask about their military discounts. Some companies might say they don’t offer discounts for military personnel because there rates are cheaper than their competition. If that’s the case, make sure they are giving you the same amount of coverage as other auto insurance companies.

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