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Buy Health Insurance and Protect Yourself and Your Family From Unexpected Medical Expenses


Are you employed in a company where your medical bills are being covered by the employer? If so, you will find out sooner or later that company group insurance is not enough to cover the widespread medical benefits that can be obtained from an individual health insurance policy. Having a separate health insurance policy is a good choice, even if you already have company coverage because it will cover many different types of medical costs.What if you happen to change the employer? The current medical policy would be discontinued and your new employer might not provide you medical coverage at all. In the event of a sudden hospitalization or a critical illness, you will be left unprotected to cover medical expenses towards treatment and hospitalization. Thus having a medical policy is important to bring down expenses during health emergencies.
What coverage does health insurance offer?
You can easily buy health insurance without spending much, because a basic policy is not expensive. It will provide a wide range of benefits that protects you and your family against sudden, medical expenses.

It offers coverage for a wide range of health conditions. In case you are hospitalized, it will pay for pre and post-hospitalization expenses, daily hospital cash, medical treatment and hospitalization expenses. If you have a severe health problem and can make a claim under critical illness cover, it will offer a lump sum that can be used for not just paying medical expenses but also to run the family. In case you are getting day-care treatment, it will pay for these expenses as well. There are many additional benefits that you can opt such as ambulance charges, physiotherapy charges, home nursing, children’s education fund, and expenses for accompanying person and so on. These extra benefits are available for an additional charge, but they provide complete coverage for all and sundry medical expenses that you can likely to incur. When you opt for a comprehensive policy you will get cashless coverage, which means you can take treatment in any hospital that falls under the insured’s network and not pay cash, as the insurance company will directly pay the hospital for medical expenses.

Application and renewal
Health insurance india is a must for everyone, right from a two-year old child to someone who is sixty-five years. There is a policy available for every age group. You do not have to undergo any medical tests to get it if you are fifty-five and below. You can easily apply for health insurance online. Just visit the insurance company’s website, get the free quote, fill an application form and submit it. You can choose the plan suitable for you and pay the premium online. All policy documents will be sent by email or post. Applying for a policy online saves time and helps you get coverage fast. You can also pay premiums and do annual renewal online. Renewing the policy every year before the expiry date entitles you to the €no claim’ bonus which brings down the premium cost.

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