How Does A Mediclaim Policy Protect You And Your Family?


When you are hospitalized because of health problems, the last thing that you want on your mind is how to pay medical bills. If the medical bills are heavy, it can be a burden on you to manage funds. Such situations show the importance of having health insurance. It can help you settle the bills without the requirement of breaking your savings or borrowing from your kith and kin.. It’s best to take a policy that covers not just you but also your spouse and dependent children, so that they too can get the benefits of the policy.

What coverage does health insurance provide?
A basic mediclaim policy will not cost much but it will provide a wide range of benefits for you and your family. It will provide compensation for hospitalization, pre and post-hospitalization expenses, unlimited room rent, and day-care procedures.

Through compensation from the policy, you can bring down medical expenses to a great extent. Some great benefits covered by your health insurance policy are daily hospital cash allowance, expenses for accompanying person, home nursing, children’s education grant etc. These extra benefits offer more coverage and help to bring down sundry expenses that you are likely to incur when getting treatment.

When taking a health insurance policy, it is important to extend its coverage for the entire family as only then can you be completely protected. A floater policy will offer such coverage as it will cover you, your spouse and two dependent children. A single premium will be charged for the entire family. Coverage offered by health insurance is available for twelve months, after which the policy has to be renewed. When you renew the policy before expiry date, you can avail the no claims benefit. Continuously renewing the policy for five years will give coverage for pre-existing medical conditions also.

Application and renewal
There is no age limit to get a health policy. Anyone right from a two-year old child to a person of sixty-five years can avail it. There is a policy for every age group, so check what is suitable for you and apply. There is no need to go in person to the company to avail it. You can easily apply for health insurance policy online. Just visit the insurance company’s website and opt for a plan that is suitable for you in terms of coverage and price. You can get health insurance quotes by using the online calculator. Fill the fields with required details and it will show the cost. The cost is based on the benefits that you have opted. The online application process is easy and saves time. You can also complete premium payment online. When the time comes to renew the policy, fill in the online renewal policy to continue coverage.

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