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How to Get Prospective Homeowners Insurance Leads

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Home is perhaps the most precious asset and investment of life. And when it comes to insuring it, homebuyers become very particular and picky, and thus converting homeowners insurance leads into sales is a bit difficult.

Know the market

If you’re a home insurance agent and in search of good leads that can be turned into successful sales comfortably, then first you need to understand the ins and outs of the homeowner insurance market. This is a volatile market that easily gets affected by different factors. Demand for homes, employment rate of the country, homebuyers’ average income and level of debts severely affect the market.

Unless the housing market is robust, you can hardly expect a strong home insurance market. As of now, the nation is going through a tough economic situation and thus an underperforming housing market. In present scenario, people have been either staying in their current homes or in the worst situation, have lost homes owing to foreclosure. As a result, the housing market hasn’t seen any surge during the recent past.

Steps to getting good leads

Under such circumstances, selling home insurance products is undoubtedly a hard job. And to do it, you must have good leads for insurance, because they are simply the life blood for any type of insurance business. However, the greatest challenge of home insurance business is to get continuous flow of potential leads. Making enough time to generate leads by your own is not the solution, as this is an extremely tedious and time-consuming job. It can eat up all your time that if you have used for other activities, you may expect better sales numbers. Although signing up for a lead generation company would be the most feasible solution to this problem, yet there are some other solutions too and here they are.

€ Visit local HUD office – At the outset, you may visit local office of Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). They may provide you with the list of recent homebuyers. These homebuyers can be good leads that you can easily turn into customers.

€ Contact local mortgage bankers – You may contact mortgage bankers, private lenders and real estate agents who run business in your locality. Request them to provide you the list of customers who have recently contacted them for purchasing homes. You can consider this as a worthwhile source for homeowners insurance leads.

€ Ask for referrals – Maintain good rapport with your existing customers. Serve them well whenever they need your help. Keeping up good relation would help you get referrals from them. You may offer them referral fees. Satisfied existing customers can be great sources for qualified home insurance leads.

Generating qualified leads for your home insurance business is an excellent idea. But before you opt for it, create an expense sheet to keep a record of how much you spend every month for generating leads. If you find that your expenses surpass your profit, you must not go for it. In that case, buying quality home insurance leads from a reputed lead generation company would be a better option.

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