Things Your Health Insurance Will Pay for That You Didn’t Know

We expect our insurance to cover procedures such as annual physicals and child’s checkups. You could be paying more for procedures and prescriptions that are not covered if you don’t know what your policy covers. Although the exact coverage will vary from one policy to the next and even between states, it’s worth calling the customer service number at the back of your card for more information. Continue reading to learn about some services and procedures that are almost always completely free.

Medical Equipment

Your health insurance should cover you for any hospital visits and necessary surgery if you have broken your leg or hip. It can also cover you after you have left the hospital. You’ll find that your coverage includes crutches, wheelchairs, and most prosthetic limbs. This section allows nursing mothers to save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a breast pump at a discount of more than 90%.

Pregnancy Prevention Surgery

You may want a permanent birth control method that is not available through oral, injectable or physical methods. If so, you might consider surgical alternatives such as tubal ligation (for women) and vasectomy (for men). Many people assume they will have to cover the cost of the procedure. However, in many cases your insurance company will pay the bill. Pregnancy prevention surgery can save you money over the long-term.

Non-Western Medicine

Alternative treatments such as acupuncture, massage therapy or herbal supplements may be an option if your regular physician is not able to provide the treatment you require. Your insurance may cover many of these procedures and services. As long as you are prescribed acupuncture by your doctor, you can also use your savings account for payment.

Gym Memberships

Many insurance companies are slowly but surely making exercise more appealing to their clients by offering discounts on gym memberships. Because clients who exercise regularly are less likely be diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes. Your insurance company will see a return on investment by purchasing gym memberships.

Sleep Studies

Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? Although most doctors will prescribe sleep aids, your insurance might cover the cost of treatment. A sleep study can help determine if you have sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, or other conditions that could be causing your insomnia. These issues can be treated with medication.

24-hour Nurse Helpline

Many insurance companies offer a toll-free number that allows members to speak with registered nurses 24/7. This number is ideal if you have a minor medical issue late at night, or a question about medication you need answered before dawn.

Before you make a payment for a procedure, or prescription, be sure to review your policy. Saving money on your health is the best feeling!

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